Access Control Lock / magnetic Doorlock


Access control devices are the primary among the essential security products available for both residential and office security. The access control devices are easier to install and they are more effective than regular biometric access control devices. There are important types of access control locks which can be used in all places. These locks are mostly electrical devices which can be connected to many other devices like computers etc. easily.

Door Locks – The door locks are the primary type of access control devices used for security purposes. These door locks can be used in houses and also in offices. They use keypad locking/unlocking system to operate.

Fingerprint Locks – These access control devices will make use of finger prints for locking and unlocking. The can be connected to electricity to operate. These locks are mostly used in offices to control access in certain rooms and halls.

Card Readers – Card readers are also a type of lock system in access control. These card readers are used for limiting the access in certain areas. Bar code reader which is a type of access control card reader does not fall under the access control locks category.

Gate Automation – The gate automation system is used to operate the gates and main entrances of big houses and also in offices. Using access control gate automation system is a growing trend in India.

Electronic Locks – This type of access control system has 2 sub-types:

Electromagnetic locks which can be mounted on the doors to restrict the invalid entries. When this access control device is powered, the magnet will be charged and disable the operations of the entry doors.

Electric strikes which are similar to the latches in the door panel. These latches can be enabled and disabled using electric power.